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Fuck 5 years ago
He has an amazing cock!! How is it so big??!!
BlkdDick4Latinas 5 years ago
I'll will never understand why racist watch interracial porn just to comment on another mans dick or the woman he is fucking LMAO. I mean lets be real it was worldwide news with the man with the "biggest penis" on earth was found to be white. The funniest thing about that is not one minority even cared!! Its because thats not something that we need answered lmao. We don't suffer from penis envy or jealous that fuels hate lmao!
3 years ago
I don’t understand how these girls do it with an ugly dude like this.
why 5 years ago
I swear everytime this guy cums he always touches his right nipple every single time it's so weird.
steveo 5 years ago
cant get his dick hard lol
Dede 5 years ago
Normal that he can't get hard this shit is too heavy
Yea 5 years ago
I swear she looks just like my sister glasses and all and she's dating a black guy I wat them fucking one night I stayed at my sister's. She was screaming
Brah 5 years ago
Im black but damn bro dick on steriods
Whocares 3 years ago
Am i the only white guy that has a big dick and doesnt even care? We are all humans ,black people have more melanin than us..other than that we are all pretty much the same. Stop behaving like cucks cause you have a small dick.. black people aint gods of sex, they are humans .. i fucked many bitches that told me im the best they ever had and they used to have black guys before me. Stop being stupid and racist.. smh
John corey 3 years ago
Why are people so racist bro i don't understand