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I'm 3 years ago
What is the point of paying for dick surgery when it will stop ur dick getting hard fuckin stupid
3 years ago
What’s the point, it’s not even going in...
Lmfaoo 3 years ago
Bruh idk what was bigger, this dudes dick, or how much I was let down by this video...
JonnyM 3 years ago
its not all its cracked up to be, I am 5'8 170lbs. just a bit over 10 inches, and over 7 inches around. I have lost GF's due to not being able to have regular daily sex, rare to find a girl you can pound as hard as you want. And if you do its not going to regular because they hurt after. Believe it or not, girls I have know handle it better in the ass. So guys its not that great, and any girls that love huge cocks are usually bigger girls.
Jax 3 years ago
Playing the accordion
LOl 3 years ago
must suck to be tht big bc u cant fuck everyy girl
only girl he fucking are ratchet hood rats
Beerman 3 years ago
Her name plz
Jen 3 years ago
I need a big dick like that in my life.
I'm obsessed with big dicks, im so hungry for them and horny all the time. Need me a cute naughty submissive guy with a fat cock so I can ride all day and can spank me while I'm riding and cumming all over his big dick while being nasty and talk dirty to me in another language. Need a big dick in my mouth to suck off and that loves eating pussy.
Meah 3 years ago
Who wants to fuck my pussy
bob 3 years ago
love that cock